Sunday, March 09, 2008

Folding paper for fun and office decoration

A few months ago I became interested on paper folding as a hobby. I searched the web for origami diagrams. Following the instructions I found, I created some of my own.

I showed them around and after motivation from a colleague, I used these paper foldings to decorate my office space. I hanged some of the from the ceiling using a fishing rod. I chose shapes of birds to hand and placed them on top of plants. The result was quite good and other people came and asked me to fold them some shapes to have on their desks.

An incomplete list of the shapes I have folded:

Pencil holder

Pencil holder origami

Candy dish
Candy dish origami


Swan origami

Rose origami

I folded flying parrots and a cranes to hang for decoration from the ceiling. Pictures will be included on a later post.

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eteokles said...

Πάρα πολύ ωραία...
Aν θές μπορείς να δείς και τα δικά μου origami στην σελίδα μου στο flikcr η οποία είναι